Community Operation Summary let website operate with beehive mode

in the beginning, I talk about the community, here I have a set of reference data, this data set is mentioned Tencent QQ space general manager Mr. Zheng Zhihao in March 25th 09 in the annual summit Chinese Internet speech data, today again to show you:

can be seen, "community" has become the world’s fourth most popular Internet services, and what is the community? Mr. Zheng mentioned in his speech: if people in the first industry (Internet infrastructure) and the second industry (basic Internet tools) feel the Internet brings efficiency, change the way, the feeling of hunger. Then, in the third industry (community) of the Internet, you feel happy and longing, and feel the quality of service, and feel the emotional communication.

through Mr. Cheng’s explanation, I understand: the community is to feel happy, exchange emotion "home"!

!The hive of

, where the colonies live and reproduce, is the home of the bee colony". The honeycomb, as everyone knows, is a hexagonal structure in which the hexagonal arrangement is called a honeycomb structure. The structure is so strong that it has been applied to the wings of aircraft and to the walls of satellites. Today, we will sum up the operation ideas of the network community into seven elements. These seven elements are ingeniously constructed as a "honeycomb" for the sustainable development of the network community with cellular structure".

is a hive colony, as we all know, the colony is a group of social behavior, a queen and drone, worker in this family, they cooperate with each other, and jointly safeguard the development of the family. In a sense, the community is a hive, and our member is a big bee colony,

honeycomb: honeycomb can be a web site, can be a community, is one section of the community, can also be a QQ group or a group and so on, as long as it is a member of the aggregation platform, we can all be called "the hive". The hive can be divided into many sub hive, such as Baidu Post Bar this product itself is a large "honeycomb", but Post Bar is divided into many small Post Bar, such as "Handan Post Bar", "Post Bar photography" and so on, these small Post Bar is also known as "honeycomb", they are "honeycomb" the "honeycomb", but also for example, Tencent, NetEase of the blogosphere, QQ group music and so on.

Queen: Queen can be interpreted as a leader in the colonies, such as bamboo, community members, star guests are the queen, they in the community development, play an important role in the lead. Bo is the first real name system Chinese blog, its founder Ma Xiaolin at the beginning of the blog, the media celebrities come here to do a real blog, gradually drives a lot of people involved; the Sina blog also use some celebrity blog to attract users to join; the "queen bee" role is to attract bees to join, do for example "worker"


expanding bee colonies: forums grow apart from relying on theory >

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