How to be a Taobao customer

I rookie a, only understand HTML, the site does not know where to start, so there has been no site. Recently in the QQ group chat, found a lot of people are talking about Taobao customers, how to make money, put me to attract you, then Baidu, Taobao found a lot of guest website, too much, do not know how to start! But I did not give up, Zhaoyazhaoya find ah see, alas! A good article, the following is for everyone to share.

to be a Taobao customer, the first step to success is how to choose the product (which is very important, and also the point where I didn’t start with it.). If the product is not selected well, even if the flow is too large, you can not maximize your interests. Then, how do we choose products? As the saying goes, the best money for women and children. Then we will do more related to their site, such as women like slim, we will promote weight loss products, diet pills; women like strong breasts, we do breast enhancement products promotion. In a word, you can refer to your female friends’ opinions online. Moreover, women like to shop online, which is very important to your conversion rate. One of the most important things about choosing a product is the choice of High Commission products, so that we can afford our time.

second step nature is to do a high rate of conversion site, small and medium-sized webmaster friends can choose to do single page promotion, or list promotion. A major feature of the promotion is that the selected products are selling hot products, the credibility of the absolute no problem. Readers, by comparing each other, are ultimately likely to generate desire to buy. This ranking promotion, like the price of the same kind of website, provides information contrast, the reader’s desire to buy a certain role in promoting.

third step is traffic. From the search engine traffic, I always think it is the best, free and stable. Here you need to have a certain SEO skills, because only on the first page of the site, it is possible to enter the vision of potential users, only in the top three of the page can attract potential users of the eye. SEO actually can not, as long as our site’s internal links are friendly, and at the same time a large chain support, ranking rise is a question of time. But one thing, definitely not cheating, K, the site would like to turn over is not easy.

this article is a great inspiration to me, immediately have a goal, I also want to be a guest of the Taobao website, like a long time or named weight loss drug list 2010, URL: welcome here. The author of this article smokes a cigarette to express his gratitude, ha ha,


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