How to build your own website group and career planning

now has its own website is more and more, regardless of the company or individual, or for the broad masses of the people, the website (website) has been completely torn away by the mysterious veil, have their own web site has become the most popular and fashionable IT products, the Internet industry returns, huge profits the market has all the time attracted more and more people into one, of course, anyway, I was lucky, even before college hasn’t played the keyboard I suddenly entered the computer professional, is the fate.

don’t gossip Syria, return to the subject, to our age, in their respective industries regardless of achievement or harvest, but must have their own plan, said even better is the occupation planning, combined with their own professional skills, ideas, it is good to the direction to go. In fact, this is not my mixed IT, this website currently does not have what brought me a large income, but from personal plans and the personal knowledge of the industry, write and share articles I think there are still some effect, I hope a little help to just step into the IT website industry colleagues.

first since we entered this field, we must understand what their own web site, is used to do it, or to do GG, or Baidu, is used to do CJ or CB products, it must be understood, or even your own money how do not know, because you do not know how to do SEO to do, how to do website promotion, even how to save money without direction. At present, the mix in the Internet industry for several years, his hands underneath there are several web sites, PR, IP have good rankings, these points have almost, this is not the focus of today, the focus is how these sites as a whole.

, I have 7 websites under my hands. The connection between them is like this,


each web site related content

1. on the English website logo included website, server in foreign countries, profit model: GG advertising, other advertising, union advertising and logo paid advertising

2., ibid., mirror site, but the server is located in the country, an auxiliary website, profit model: GG revenue

3. English website SEO information release platform, BBS system, profit model: GG advertising revenue; profit income degree: secondary.

4. English online shopping mall, the function for the release of products on the; profit model: product price difference and GG advertising revenue


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