Flow is Youku potatoes 6 7 times but for feelings to refuse advertising B station of the two dimen

active users 150 million, the average daily PV is Youku potatoes 6.7 times, Iqiyi’s 4 times, this is the core business data of beep miles. In order to feelings, to the user experience, it rejected all video advertisement willfully, also began to explore the offbeat not hurt the user experience the revenue model, developed two dimensional chain a derivative.

with the "journey to the west of the" return "," big fish, "Begonia" your name "and other animated films in the domestic hot film, two dimensional culture has attracted attention and hot market and investors have also sought in the two dimension field layout.

is called the two dimension, that is, the two-dimensional dimension, usually refers to the virtual fantasy world, the form of expression mainly includes animation, comics, games and so on, that is often called ACG (Animation, Comic, Game). Today, the two dimensional culture has gradually penetrated into people’s lives. Especially after 90 and 00, is in the domestic animation market gradually mature environment grew up a generation, and the Internet to join, and further accelerated the two dimensional culture in this group of communication.


wants to keep up with the trend of young people, do not understand how to understand the two dimensional culture, and beep barrage video site (hereinafter referred to as "B station") is the largest two dimensional cultural gathering place. Established in 2009, B station is just one animation enthusiast community, has now become the largest youth fashion culture and entertainment community, more than 150 million active users, of which over 90% users are under the age of 24. Sitting on such a huge group of young users, but also in such a group has such a powerful influence, B station is expected to be commercial investors are inevitable.


has gone through four rounds of financing, the B station has also won support from listed companies like palm technology and Tencent. But for a long time, it needs to establish its own hematopoietic function. Now B station is in various related fields and actively explore the realization of the road, from a large membership, games transport, the line, to the electricity supplier (derived products) tourism projects and so on, but now it seems that the exploration is not so smooth.

May 22, 2017, a notice of equity transfer quietly hung on the Shanghai joint equity exchange. The announcement shows that the subject of the transfer is the 45% equity interest of the company, the transfer price is only 2 million yuan, and the transferor is Shanghai Shang Shang Film Co., Ltd. (Figure 1), the company has been transferred to Tianjin.

, figure 1: beep pictures equity transfer announcement

source: Shanghai united property exchange public information

this news, netizens can not help but sigh, also feel puzzled: "two yuan cash really so difficult?" even B station users could not stand, have a message at micro-blog: "B station or take ad >

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