6 years experience website profit new thinking

I engaged in the site for 6 years, large and small sites do not less than ten, which also has garbage stations, portal stations, local professional stations. Through advertising alliance, pop, rogue software depends on the profit pattern of IP, but these are only a small profit, and is not a permanent solution.

I have some ideas about how to make a profit on the website. I would like to share it with you. In fact, we are missing is not the idea, just before the fear of tiger wolf scared, the idea did not dare to get involved, the Internet business cost is very low, more is to work and to.

my main source of money over the past few years has been local businesses, advertising and service charges. Here I share my two case:

1, real estate: my real estate website started in 05 years, after that program testing began to promote, to find the target population, looking for real estate intermediary, looking for developers to talk about cooperation mode, the first year free of charge for their services. Local real estate agents and individuals can freely publish housing rental and sale of information. Users can also free to view all the information, the premise is that you must first register an account. All I have to do is to provide a platform with appropriate publicity, which is entirely provided by Internet users and developers. Launched second years, they have successfully received 5 intermediary service fees and 2 real estate developers joining fees, and vigorously promote their property.

because of my city (Guangdong’s poor economic city) is relatively small, even in 05 years, large sites are not much, not to mention professional real estate sites, which accounted for the time and geographical advantages.

web site will not write out, the idea said, we all know how to start.

2, website: for the same reason, many city no car industry website, or do not, then we can use Baidu, GOOGLE, local information port cooperation, the relevant keywords do the first page before five (the most direct and effective way to do PPC, only SEO). The purpose of this site is focused on local staff and potential car riders can do some car exchange, car price comparison in peacetime, regularly organize car group purchase group purchase, car, or driving in car 4S shop to get a rebate. Website can also add driving comments and voting functions, the local driving school will sooner or later you are caught, when you do not need to talk about advertising fees, they will take the initiative to contact you.

(this idea can be extended to other industries, all under divergent thinking, I refer to the railway station, Shenzhen car network: http://s.szxueche.com


our customers need is accurate marketing, local professional station is their first choice (low price, many potential customers), first impressions of the truth, we all understand, must first start strong. If you find your goal, stick to it and be sure to make it.

own time is very tight, the task is very heavy, no more time to talk about some nonsense, how to do web sites, such as >

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