Discussion on the construction of local comprehensive portal website

On the construction of the local portal to discuss

see in a Post Bar today, not blindly Bozhuan dialogue, no taunt is more reflection and debate, rationality. Now many webmaster friends is usually a shot forehead shot a idea, immediately started. Busy for a long time, and then look back, only to find themselves thinking a lot of things too idealistic. Wasting energy, energy, and financial resources is simply the absence of such positive discussions. Busy local website owners can see it over the post I stick (finishing from Baidu Benxi, asking for "Benxi website construction scheme. All batches of random graffiti,"), for the convenience of reading removes some meaningless reply. Starting from the nineteenth floor, the discussion entered a climax.


LZ for Benxi (


1 Benxi portal construction program. Random graffiti, we batch.

project start-up funds: 200 thousand -30 million.

fixed input, housing, computer and other hardware facilities: 5W.

website procedures: 2W-3W., if Benxi can recruit skilled technical team. Recruit full-time, more accounting.

remaining project funds 12W-13W.

operations team 6-8 people,.

General Manager: 1 people,

Finance: 1 person

website news editor 1 people.

Website Forum promotion / management 1 people

project promotion team 3-5,

personnel framework: priority will be given to those who are familiar with the resources of various industries in Benxi.

web site:



– profit to website advertising based gray income excluding.

real estate agency

– initial free. Medium or late fees

make friends

– attract popularity. Membership. For example, tours, and so on. You can go upstream.


city express

– through the site to complete physical sales, city express.

personnel recruitment / job search

– Hei hei. Headhunting company. Business.

gamer community

– selling Games >

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