Enterprise public code of operation communicate user service user

said the number of public enterprises operating, now many companies seem to pay attention to how many "fans", an important criterion will be fans as much as the evaluation of a number of public enterprises of success and failure, so many number of public enterprises to attract fans to join, through online and offline activities, the number of public lottery employees, friends see only the push to get attention. And some network marketing companies are more direct, they advertise, "enterprise public number" has media properties, 100 thousand fans are equal to a local newspaper, 1 million fans are equal to national newspaper headlines…… Is the operation of the enterprise public number is like this,



Internet time about 3-5 hours using a mobile phone

Xiaoming every day, 3-5 hours in the fragmentation of the time, Xiao Ming said every day WeChat at least 1-2 hours, of course, he also joined some enterprises of the public, but rarely to see Xiaoming these public number, because, when entered, there are some "forced" flavor, back to join these public number, according to Xiao Ming’s memories, a number of public holiday travel, the tourist attractions free of charge at the global screen, but need to pay attention to the public, can, after reading it, because it no longer go, so there is a little attention; that is, Xiao Ming received a text message, a broadband local company sent, said on a discount, Xiao Ming added: "after leading the activity packs, again "No, look!" and a few times, friends circle sent some jokes, puzzle, jokes and so on, to join a few, these public numbers occasionally look at,

!The number of public enterprises to join

Xiaoming basically through business activities, and draw the "passive" join, benefit, these fans will soon leave, an entrepreneur said: "powder easy to get fans concerned about the long-term hard!" Xiao Ming this ordinary mobile phone Internet users on behalf of the majority of users to treat the number of public attitudes, indicating that companies rely on a variety of preferential means the so-called get fans loyalty is low

!This time will

some people say that marketing is a small population, no, one hundred must have the loyalty of fans one thousand ten thousand Xiaoming inside! Maybe it is right, but, in some network marketing company "powder" propaganda, this scene in the micro-blog era how familiar once, a famous actress of micro-blog more than 10 million fans, even an influential newspaper company are marvel at their own newspaper circulation but 200 thousand copies a day, this is horrible! The result, the newspaper company is still running, and the female star with the decline of micro-blog also fade out of the public eye, now micro-blog the position has been replaced by WeChat, 10 million fans of natural collapse! Look at WeChat fans, and once micro-blog is not very similar, "zombie fans" at that time became" The great irony of self deception, a public number with hundreds of loyal users, is better than the zombie powder known as one hundred thousand".

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