[heroes] Cai Wensheng’s entrepreneurial passion


is very happy to come to Chongqing, I think Chongqing is very good, especially the "computer", I am from the Internet since 2000, began to come from the "computer", I threw the first money in the "computer", then "computer" Adsense said a small advertising investment and so advertising? But later proved to be successful.

I might have been someone who could share with you some experience, when Mr. Zhou Hongyi finished all I wanted to say, so I gave you some advice on my own.

basic conditions for first venture.

first of all, entrepreneurs need passion. Be interested and interested in completing what you are doing and what you do.

the second condition is to specify the positioning of the product. Product innovation, large enough user groups, market scale sustainable development. Why do we look at this site, we must see the shortcomings of this site?. Users are large enough to have no money. Market size is sustainable, and if you do a website to tell investors that your website 300 thousand revenue does not mean revenue from your site, because this is not sustainable.

the third condition is to have a good executive team. A team of several people will have the means to keep it going.

the fourth requirement is that you have the basic knowledge of Finance and team management. Understand how much the site is, how much it pays, and how much it pays. This is very necessary. Must have knowledge of management team, each individual how to coordinate the team, this must be coordinated, to have the idea of learning, this is the basic condition of business, if not put this thing to good, I don’t have this adjustment is not necessary to see investors.

has four conditions, it is necessary to finance, financing should pay attention to the following matters.

financing note 1:

matters 1, products should have bright spots, to be innovative, difficult to copy. Product moved, investment talent will take the next step.

matters 2 product status. Whether a certain user scale has been formed, and whether there is the same model and successful cases at home and abroad?.

item 3 is the resume of the entrepreneur and the team. Including successful cases, honest and enthusiastic. If you have big easy, successful cases are small case, small to say once a management forum moderators, how to coordinate the version of the staff, these small details are very easy to impress VC, but their words must be honest, that is not to tell lies, this is important a thing I don’t know you don’t know, you do not do, if the lie was discovered, he will overthrow all the words you speak in front of the speech process to express enthusiasm. In introducing their products, introduce yourself >

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