Lu Songsong after visiting some excellent design blog

is very interested to visit the web and graphic design blog, after reading these blogs Lu Songsong out of this idea, should find common points in these outstanding design blog, they learn the merits.


do not know how to appreciate the excellent web designers may never know the true meaning of reference; one cannot be the essence of outstanding works into the existing demand of designers may never find true inspiration. Even the seemingly original design, the inspiration is often from the designers in the long-term process of continuous accumulation. Design comes from inspiration, inspiration, and Inspiration — the "rule of success" that every web designer should keep in mind".

1: the LOGO design of the website has an idea very much.

The importance of

logo is self-evident. The first time a visitor opens your web site, LOGO is the first to introduce it. It’s an intangible asset on your site, and a good LOGO design can be remembered for a while. Also don’t forget that the avatar can also use the same logo in various websites to increase the users’ impression of your website.

2: all website navigation is very clear.

clear navigation and navigation bar is the most important part of the page, because it is the user’s main way to use the site. So, from now on, make your navigation a little clearer. Don’t let your users not use your site.

3: blogs are mostly two column designs.

The layout of the

two column looks clearer, and the content display area is generally more visible, which provides better readability. Of course, it is not negative, the three column design is not good.

4: the right side of the page is mostly small picture ads.

of course, this is a well designed picture advertisement, which can provide more intuitive and clearer information to customers. But many pictures, such as Google AD, do not match the overall design of the web page. This requires you to screen and create ad images. Good picture ads enhance the overall beauty of the site and enrich the content of the site.

5: Web pages are all designed using DIV+CSS.

The use of

DIV+CSS architecture has many advantages, such as convenient revision, do not need to change the page content, page open speed will be accelerated, clear structure, easy to search engine to optimize SEO, natural DIV+CSS.

6: both articles are illustrated in lists.

adds pictures to every article, not only makes it less visually fatigued, makes the page look more reasonable and beautiful, but also has an easy to read picture with the illustrations.

7: there’s a about page about me.


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