ndustry station experience do industry portal you can come in to see

I have been in touch with the industry website for 3 years. I look back on the road I have come up and feel that I am still a rookie. However, more or less summed up some of the experience of doing standing. I did not learn this profession, just contact the industry website is to start from the left of the business, through the process of doing business with customers, know some customers love something, they tend to accept things. This will help me to do my own website later. I used to do the Chinese packaging and printing exhibition network business, and now I do my own website, China machine tool business network, business also do, management also do. Colleagues in the past can drop in and take a look at the station.

everyone knows, website, publicity is very important. How do you advertise your website? Many new webmasters are still trying to find a problem. Now I’ll talk about how we usually advertise our website.

search engines: people who do web sites know the importance of a search engine to a website. This is the most popular way to promote the website, but here to remind you, search engines, after all, is someone else’s thing, your destiny is in the hands of others. Well, I think in order to get good publicity in search engines, or have to go their own line, accumulate their customer groups, adhere to the original, insist on doing the site honestly, do not cheat. In this way, you will probably become an evergreen tree.

Industry Exhibition: do industry website of the exhibition industry to do publicity is necessary, because our clients have limitations, so the industry is the focus of the exhibition industry, exhibition and publicity in the above targeted. At the exhibition, leaflets are issued, beautiful booths are displayed, special exhibitions can be paid, and so on. Let users know you, have heard of you, maybe someday he will come to your site to do some investment.

cooperation with industry associations: Industry Association plays a different units in the industry of intermediary and bridge role, good industry association is very authoritative, they will organize a lot of activity within the industry, a good relationship with the industry association, and doing your site in the event of the propaganda, to increase your visibility and the position in the industry, get the trust of customers. This method is rarely used.


cooperation with industry concentration: often every industry in every city has the market, for example, I is the machine tool industry, so we place as everyone knows Hangzhou machine market is the machine tool industry, and the market through our cooperation, I made a picture advertising for them on their website, but he also help I made an outdoor advertising in their market center, this is a mutually beneficial things, most people are willing to do.

mail and mail: then through the above various ways of publicity, e-mail and letter propaganda is also very important, have a solid effect, after the above publicity, many customers have to you is not strange, but perhaps he did not really to understand your website, then.

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