A brief talk on the successful way of website management

website business like store, if a store opened in the deep mountains and forests that even if it re decoration luxury goods and rich, it is impossible to have a good business. Similarly, if opened in downtown areas where large traffic flow, as long as the store products rich, reasonable prices, shop decoration is neat, generous, sure business will be booming.

website business success is not a simple matter, if we really want to run a website, there are several aspects are very important, the first important thing is to solve the problem of traffic to the site, if the customer can not find you, the site does not flow that is just like you to open shop to go in deep mountains and forests, even if the most beautiful web design can also play a big role; second important is the function and content of the site, the function structure of the flow also need a reasonable and rich content to attract customers in-depth access to your site, improve your enquiries; third important is the web designer, for browse for the first impression is very important. Don’t count on the website design art on the surprisingly new, to attract customers, the website design is too loud, but is the page too messy, you only have to do website promotion, the flow is bigger, provides a wealth of useful content, is the real magic to attract customers to increase the amount of net station inquiry. Of course, web designers can’t do anything too coarse or out of date, which will reduce visitors’ impressions and trust in your website, and also reduce their interest in deep web access.

how to do specific web content rich, my personal thoughts on site construction of "about us" this section is very important, it can make the browsing through the website of your company strength, have a clear understanding of the status, so that visitors have a sense of trust, not to be confused but absolutely ignorant of the object. Customers always want his cooperation is to have a certain strength, will not you say. Of course, the most important thing is the information content of this website. Take the logistics website (Zhejiang logistics network, logistics network…… For example, the main information is logistics supply and demand, shipping information, freight lines and trade information, etc. These are the core contents of logistics website construction, and they are also the most important things that customers want to know in detail. Said the information content, there are a lot of ways of expression, is commonly used words and pictures, like some of the information is the combination of text and pictures (such as the number of trade information, commodity information etc.) also to have the information content of the contact details, don’t let the viewer on the website you feel good. I just want to through telephone or email asking for further specific price and content of the results for a long time but can not find the contact way, all that ability before not in vain.

web site design also has a very important principle is to facilitate, so that visitors can quickly find what he wanted to get information. Website production is the foundation, and after the completion of the website maintenance and management is more important. Frequent maintenance and updating of web content is not only beneficial to visitors, but also helps to improve the ranking of Web sites in search engines. Believe that the site’s preliminary work done, and then >!

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