These years experience sex sentiment Shanghai auction

Abstract: I love Shanghai for nearly four years, from the beginning to today’s Chinese master unsuspectingly, experienced too much, we want to have some experience in these years of work experience, including some feeling for everyone to share.

three: the title and creative. Explain here the title and the title of the site is not the same as your company, our company is the title of XXX solar company, here can not do this, otherwise it is difficult to attract users to click, can do: XXX solar energy, most people trust products. Wait。 More creative, creativity is the title shown below. read more

The website stationmaster punished Mo complaining

owners do not want to see their website the punishment of the search engine, which is the most taboo as owners do not want to see things, but often you more taboo, it just to find you, if you paid attention to the search engine, is down right punished, so you do not come in, the blame on others, to know the reasons of cause, search engines have their own algorithms, it must be your website which operating in violation of the rules of it, otherwise it will not just tell you not to go, to deeply reflect on their own have done recently which operation as soon as possible to find the right down. The root of punishment is the key. read more

The website should have included the value of love will be included in Shanghai

website webmaster want to make your own website is recognized and included in Shanghai love, but love is not Shanghai Buddha, it is operating their own ideas, so webmaster want to site is love Shanghai included must also exhibit love Shanghai in terms of value, to ensure that the site has the meaning of love Shanghai recognized, especially for the new line website, web site has no value will not get the trust of the search engine to support, so the new site site value is more important, so the new website and how to establish the value of the site read more

Use the Htaccess file settings function to enhance the website optimization effect

this picture is the default home page PHP typical, but a look at this website is written using the PHP language! But if the default home page open page is the HTML suffix, it does not necessarily mean that the home page is static, then we can check the root directory of the web site, there is no index.html or index.shtml the file, if not, that open or PHP file, if any, that still on the index.html and index.php files open, in contrast, to see if there is no difference, if there is a difference, that open or index.php file read more

The search engine does not understand the principle of the principle of search engine er is streakin

want to know this, home to understand how people subjective to judge whether a page is important (his first thought). In fact, nothing less than the following:

We all know that

has a history of weight accumulation (domain name time, high quality, qualified, old) many people will refer to this page (chain direction), many people will refer to this page (reproduced or mirror), this page for quick browsing (shallow level), often new content (Updated) etc..

is the data collection phase, the web page from the web of the Internet world oceans to collect their own database for storage. read more

The station optimization you three details neglected

breadcrumb navigation after our main navigation, bread crumbs, not only conducive to our optimization, but also have a very good role in promoting the friendly user experience. Then in the breadcrumb navigation details we need to pay attention to? For example we can fully be breadcrumb navigation to improve the site keywords ranking, we can put our keywords with bread crumbs navigation. We now see many site of the breadcrumb navigation home page link is to do the anchor text to "home", and we can take this place with our words. For example, breadcrumb navigation before A5 webmaster network: the web page » search; & Shanghai Longfeng » on the station optimization you three details I overlooked, and the recent optimization into stationmaster net » & search; Shanghai dragon » three points on the details, I neglected you station optimization. By improving the site keywords ranking from the details. As shown below: read more

Why is your website is the works of others

Many people know that

Chinese, copycat is a name that is a lot of people like this, take the Shanghai dragon in order to facilitate the optimization of the workers themselves, in order to complete the task and superfluous, will be an article up East West gather together into a thought "the original article" Meizhou Peida network tells you this is someone else the works, and then how to change can change the original author’s original intention, the author thought if it is wrong, then you will be up and doing promotion for the wrong information, more people will see this article to learn the things to learn. read more

You want to make money by Shanghai Longfeng OK

of Shanghai Longfeng profitable way to

? Cooperate

1 single do pure optimization, this kind of work is the employment direction of Shanghai Longfeng direct guidance, many individuals or teams are doing, people would often assist independent blog for publicity, and the team will pay attention to the construction and the scale of their official website.

3 honest do Shanghai Longfeng related industries work, working for others, do a web series or the Commissioner of the chain are likely to become our choice, no stranger to non send a link, these are Shanghai Longfeng work within the industry. read more

The marketing value of plastic how to do online brand marketing

: a good user experience

structure is clear and easy to query, after the user opens a web page, to leave the user with a clear structure of the website, users find the demand for products. Don’t ask why, because some customers are not good at query structure too complex websites. According to the division, unified navigation products category, but also affect customer focus on the first impression of the website. In addition should also include what? Structure clearer and more convenience including page: read more

Wang Jishun how efficient the original forum to do outside the chain of ultimate tutorial

Now the

forum to do outside the chain of the model is still the old traditional method, post the link to your own signature, forum can bring the keyword anchor text itself. Although the weight now the search engine to give signature is not very high, but did not say no, from the YAHOO chain can be seen, the link anchor text signature is still valid. Here again to share a chain in the local forum, some students may often use, is the daily attendance. Daily attendance is designed to allow members to visit the Forum Forum every day, increase the viscosity, a lot of students to sign in to push for just a few beans and not good title, this is where we released the chain of. In a sign where their own links + manually write a word can. This is also a good link. read more