SNS website endless who is the ups and downs in the end

Facebook of the United States to succeed in a short period of time, in people’s eyes are red, the first is the campus network, then a block of the network, then there is a 365hi, MYSPACE Chinese stationed in the market, the current domestic SNS market is chaos, many website program launched open source SNS SNS is a mixed market, but in the end who can seize the Chinese


campus network, this station is undoubtedly the current Facebook most like and most successful website, for the crowd is mainly college students, and now into white-collar and high school market; read more

The content of a public number operator’s perception

many account operators, many are worried about what kind of content can make powder to faster, in fact, the answer is very simple, increase the original content of the output capacity, will be able to achieve the purpose of increasing powder. But the problem is, we are not born writers. How can we create new things constantly,


the answer to the question of the number of public operators or the team needs to have a very strong ability to integrate content, and search a large number of available material means, whether through a variety of domestic websites, or over the wall, you want to find all the material, combined with their own ideas and experience are integrated to create original content. Then we confirmed the contents of the account to adhere to the original on the basis of this view, the next step is to consider what the original fans can produce substantial growth, the amount of reading about the effect? This requires the operator and the whole team has a keen sense of smell, moments of insight into the market, hot social events, the audience interested recently the social topics, such as "ice bucket challenge, challenge, smile H5, Ali listed" etc.. read more

To provide targeted services for users inventory community transformation online education 8 majo

community, a phrase we are not unfamiliar, a group according to their respective rise into the product, has a certain geographical area; there are a certain number of people; have common sense and interests between residents have close characteristics; social interaction. In micro-blog, WeChat era, vision community has gradually fade out, in addition to some of the vertical community and local communities, they are still alive, others continue to rely on their own community precipitation content, groups of transformation. In the education industry, there are also countless communities, especially the student are more familiar with the stupid forum, it is a transition to the next line from the forum training community, rely on the large community of users, to provide users with targeted services. read more

Some local portal to carry out free tasting activity feeling

many local portals have launched free tasting activities, and has long been carried out. Carry out various forms of a variety of activities under the line is the local website based on the book, a good place for members of the website will not lack of exciting activities under the line. I was in operation in Tuyun circle net also carry out regular activities for free tasting, free tasting activities have experience, the following relevant free tasting events to talk about my feelings.

I always think, free tasting activities can bring three benefits to the website: popularity, down to earth, promote feelings. (1): delicacy poly popularity has been a fascinating topic, women and children like, generally local websites in section and click rate are popular delicacy is high. To engage in free tasting activities, namely to meet part of the site also let the chowhound breath, when looking for the delicacy delicacy web browsing enthusiasts found a nice hotel restaurant, accidentally found that always let people have the urge to try. So we often see, if the number of words to carry out free tasting activities to enroll in always a lot, which can have a glimpse of its powerful charm. Although food is a local website to attract popularity magic weapon, but I personally think that relying on food, profit margins are not large. (2) down to earth: must cooperate with the local catering businesses carry out free samples to participate in activities, free samples are local members of the free tasting activity is a very down to earth activities. Many successful operations place, the portal predecessors have always stressed that the site to ground gas, ground gas, because only ground gas site, the site has a strong vitality. (3) promote emotion: many local portals adopt the form of "front door + back forum". Members of the forum in the exchange for a long time, or in the website of the official Q group chat happily, on the cable to know the desire to make friends. To carry out free tasting activities can make the line to meet members of the site, which makes the emotion exchange website member, make people feel that the site is a real warm platform, greatly improve member loyalty to the website. read more

Website profit is the last word

in recent days, I received several telephone calls from people saying, "why the website does not open, I wonder at the time, was afraid of the Internet to check, found money online is normal. The last question to call people know, they call accounting networks account before using it, suddenly a few days ago, do not go, and then through the search to find the money online, because online banking customers by comparison in GOOGLE and Baidu keyword ranking, mistakenly think that they had money online journal website. read more

Two points about the local forum

recently, I finally settled down. I got a local forum, so I need to keep a record of it. My own practices prevent future forgetting of.

first: a lot of people have taken. Is desperately to QQ friends there hair. This although soil. But really. Can attract a lot of popularity,.

second: their registered N MJ, opening a topic, transform MJ continue to discuss this topic, I will own MJ divided into two sides. One side is the side support is against it. I tried. As long as the topic is enough to attract people, or to attract others. Their message is a play the oboe very tired of living. Always think about how to answer to scold oneself tired read more

Analysis why is the site included but no traffic

hard to build a station, in order to create a certain amount of benefits through the site; and to create benefits, you must have a certain flow. Perhaps you every day insist on site is updated every day, you may persist in the construction of external links, although the website is search engine included a few pages, there are a lot of keywords also received a certain rank, but the site through a search engine over the flow has been scanty, this is what causes? The author is engaged in website optimization for three years, according to past experience, caused by the site contains no flow phenomenon, usually the following reasons: read more

From the failure of a station talk about ways to let Baidu search quickly

many new webmaster have encountered such problems, that is, their station update soon, the reverse link has also done. But a month has passed, still did not be Baidu search record. Why is that?.

according to my understanding, Baidu spider always move around, like lady-killer, saw a beautiful MM will be up two bite.

, but why hasn’t your station been recorded by Baidu Quick Search?. Two bites,


there are several reasons for this:

1], your MM location is too remote. Baidu doesn’t see your home, MM. read more

How should website operations identify malicious harassment

a wonderful thing happened yesterday: some people say that they want to turn off their website for us.

the reason is this: any network company, for the convenience of customer contact, will certainly be QQ contact on the web page, users can contact directly click. It is precisely because of this, usher in a farce: we want to know what this guy? Yesterday afternoon, there are customers add customer service QQ number as a friend, then said that they are the ultimate creative technology limited, their 2008 registered company, our ultimate creative network theft of their things. We require in order to avoid damage to their company, will immediately shut down the ultimate creative network, and they had to report the material submitted to the Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and presented the certificate of lawyer. read more

As a webmaster you are doing the pseudo original talk about how to do pseudo original

we all know that the core of SEO is "content is king, the chain is emperor", this character.

then let’s talk about the subject today, the chain will not say.

"content is king", it must spend a lot of time on the content, but we can not stand all day long on the content of the climb, and every day to increase the chain promotion, and so on. Let’s build a website is not a personal blog, could not every day a lot of time in the content, we could not every day to create too much of their original article, nor is a collection of others, so the pseudo original has become the first choice, some friends said he did not know what the original, I think if you take the time to learn the others! When you see other people see many articles after your brain will be very rich, maybe you are not even the pseudo original, all original, oh! It is a false original tiring work, in fact, when you false original when you must go take a look at this article structure, ideas and so on, you can put in imperceptibly this article to learn it, do not shoot two hawks with one arrow. It’s like riding a bike. No one can ride at first. You’ll feel really simple when you learn. So the usual learning under the others, that is the infinite power of you, also do not have the knowledge owners you know buried in the heart, out to share with you, so that everyone can learn, you need to know your this technology is experience to share the. read more